ESP can hold a variety of workshops in circus skills and creative play. Here is a sample of our most popular.


Handstand Foundations

60 - 90min

Learn the foundations of handstand training and develop strong technique.

You will discover technique tips, handy drills and essential daily practice to improve your handstand training, be it for yoga, breakdancing or the sheer love of balancing on your hands.

To take the class, you must be able to hold your body weight on your hands. 



Mastering your handstand

120 - 180min

Learn how to master your best handstand technique and take your skills to the next level.

In this advanced session we build on the foundations of handstand training and explore:

– Detailed handstand technique

– Body awareness drills for strength building and longer holds

– Movement in a handstand, freeing up the spare limbs and side bending techniques

– What goes up must come down – the in and the out of the handstand

– 1 arm balancing techniques

– Expression and creative play, owning your handstand



180min - 2 days

Emma Serjeant – performer, director, co-founder of Casus Circus and Creative Director ESP - EmmaSerjeantPerformance


Join award winning circus artist Emma Serjeant to delve into performance ideas, physical language development, narratives and expression within the physical self.

This workshop is designed to develop confidence and awareness of using your body as a performance tool. Suitable for circus performers, dancers, actors, and physical performers. This workshop will build confidence in an improvisational context both as a solo artist and ensemble member.

Participants are advised to arrive early, wear clothes appropriate for movement, bring plenty of water and if necessary a hand towel for perspiration.


Many other workshops such as Aerials, Tumbling, Group and Duo Acrobatics, Circus Fitness, Act Creation and Theatre Devising are available.

Please contact us for further info and bookings