EmmaSerjeantPerformance - 'amazing humans’

ESP works with talented humans to present extremely unique circus and physical-theatre performances.

 A production house that extends the definition of circus by creating hybrid performances. Performances in the ESP repertoire draw on different styles and training methods such as dance, martial arts, physical theatre training and circus, both traditional and contemporary.

Creative Director Emma Serjeant develops choreography methods that circus artists can work with and likes to collaborate closely with her artists. Using the incredible physical abilities of her circus artists and dancers to tell story and to develop relationship, making work from the heart of the performers.

Collaborating across art forms and in particular international collaboration is of great interest to Emma, cross pollinating cultures as well as movement languages, sharing different creative styles and connecting Australian artists to the international stage.

Whether it is extraordinary circus-theatre like GRACE, the incredible movement vocabulary of M.I.N.D.E.D, or developing performance ideas with young people, ESP is dedicated to working with circus and physical-theatre in it’s brilliant capacity to affect people in a positive way.

  • WE present compelling, thought-provoking and entertaining shows 

  • WE create shows, we collaborate on shows and love to be involved in multi art-form projects 

  • WE TEACH circus WORKSHOPS and TAILOR PROGRAMS specific to your needs


  • WE WORK WITH YOUNG PEOPLE to develop performances and skills, That can also COINCIDE WITH TOURING DATES.