“Circus-theatre like you’ve never seen it before, stunning and powerful”


total theatre awards 2016 - circus and physical theatre - short list 

Emma Serjeant - winner of 'Argus Angel' and 'Star of the festival' Latest awards 2014



Grace is a wonderful and lovely person, infact it is hard to find the words to describe her.  She’s very sweet…Popular, successful, loving life. But nobody really knows Grace, not even Grace.

Join the phenomenal Emma Serjeant (Casus Circus, C!RCA) on her tour de-force performance of one womans life, as she tells the story of five fateful seconds. Those fateful seconds where Grace knows, this is her opportunity, this is her moment. Does she have the courage to change her life forever?

Circus theatre at it’s most raw. Emma Serjeant exposes Grace, one single human, vulnerable, naked, and completely lost in time.  


Performed by: Emma Serjeant

Directed by: John Britton

Written by: Deborah Templeton based on original script by John Britton & Emma Serjeant

Composed by: Ben Ely

Video & lighting designed by: Penny Cunningham

‘Serjeant has crafted a piece of risky, intensely engaging circus-theatre that is very much alive to the moment. She makes the time we spend in Grace’s company matter’ - The Times

— The Times ★★★★
‘Every moment feels vital, alive. ... proof that circus and theatre can, in the right hands, combine to become a powerful force.’
— Total Theatre
“Serjeant has an overflowing bag of acrobats’ and contortionists’ tricks at her disposal and you’re constantly amazed, captivated and entertained by how she uses them”
— The West Australian ★★★★★