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Goldie & the 3 B-bears is a dynamic show that will have primary school audiences bouncing to the beats and groovin’ in their seats.

Goldie and the 3 B-bears is a hip hop dance theatre show that uses SPOKEN WORD, RHYME, MUSIC, DRAMA and DANCE to let you in on what really went down.
So you thought Goldie Locks was just out for a walk in the woods? Well you didn’t get the whole story…
Our main girl; Goldie is a dancer who comes from a long line of famous dancers in the style of Locking and there is enormous pressure for her to follow in her parents’ footsteps. Goldie wasn’t just out for a walk that day, she ran away from home.
When Goldie stumbles across the home of the three B-Bears she didn’t expect to find amazing Break Dancers with such great passion.
The b-bears teach Goldie about the importance of creativity, self-expression and learning from the old to create something new.

Duration 30min + workshop options

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