Emma Serjeant & Aloft Circus Arts 



“Flock” is an evocative story of humanity. Our search for belonging and acceptance is a hunt. We pry strength from the grasp of our vulnerability and isolation. We summon power from our individualism and we gather up our courage. In numbers we are powerful.

The emerging circus artists in this production have been training 45 hours/week for the last two years at Aloft Circus Arts, honing their skills in tightwire, trampoline/tramp wall, aerial silks, trapeze, acrobatics, handstands, cyr wheel and so much more. More than just a showcase of their individual skills, this show is a celebration of the ensemble, an 80 minute delve into what it’s like to, very literally, trust a group with your only life.

Guest Director Emma Serjeant worked with the students over an intense eight week research and development process to create “Flock”. Aloft’s Artistic Director, Shayna Swanson met Ms Serjeant while collaborating on a project in Melbourne, Australia in 2016. She was immediately impressed with Emma’s fierce, feminist take on circus and wanted to bring her in to work with her students. A plan was formed to create a “Lab Year” as the second year of Aloft’s training program. Ms Swanson brought 7 guest artists from around the world to work with her students and Ms Serjeant was selected to be the final guest, the one who would direct the final show.

please note that flock is available for bookings within the usa.