TEOC Circus

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TEOC Circus

are a Multi-award winning, all-female contemporary circus troupe from Melbourne Australia.

TEOC Circus bring their unique dialogue of movement and circus to life with a fluid sense of chaotic choreography.

The cast has an inimitable sassy style and an impressive collective skill set, allowing them to dauntlessly break conformist rules.

The elegant TEOC artists strive to be the very best of themselves as individuals, there are no parallels drawn to male acrobats, or suggestion of gender comparison.

This unique quality is setting Entropy apart from other all-female circus shows. The ensemble demonstrates incredible physical strength whilst maintaining a refined strength of character, grace and femininity, producing a world class piece of contemporary circus that has already made it’s international Debut in Taiwan (2017) and performed at several Australian Festivals in their short but dynamic 2 year existence!



by teoc circus

Elegant by nature, sophisticated in style, “Entropy” explores what happens to regular circus acts when additional factors and obstacles are introduced. Bodies entangled in rope are pushed off balance and props are stolen by ensemble members mid-trick. Water is spilt and apples are split, thrown, caught and even eaten...

Dynamic and powerful, these beautiful and strong acrobats show an incredible level of physical prowess, all   whilst maintaining their quirky sense of humour and their genuine femininity. They perform awe-inspiring lifts and balances with apparent ease, defying their lithe physiques.

A distinctive element of the show is the simple white rope that is continually moving to entrap bodies and dictate movement, allowing the artists to push the limitations of gravity and present beautiful sculptures with their impressive physiques.