Hailing from the UK, Penny brings her unique skills to Australia for the first time to work on Grace, during the Fresh Ground Residency as Lighting and AV designer.

Penny Cunningham is a videographer, video artist, theatre technician, stage manager and lighting designer. She has created original lighting designs for a large number of theatre companies spanning a wide range of non-traditional venues and performance genres. These include installation theatre, blackbox theatre, dance, exhibitions, mechanical performance and circus theatre. She has also worked as a freelance Stage Manager, Production Manager and Technical Manager for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience organising touring theatre productions for many different styles of performance.

Her design work has been taken on national and regional tours as well as forming parts of durational exhibitions. Her video artworks have been shown at York Minster as part of their York Minster Nights programme. During her work with IOU Theatre, Penny has developed and delivered many cutting edge digital experiences including the creation of a virtual theatre in Second Life as part of Volatile Light (2011), a tablet-based augmented reality application which allowed the public to 'see' sound waves as part of Speaking Tubes (2012) and the creation of a virtual reality based sound installation using the Oculus Rift virtual reality system as part of Totem One (2014).

Her video artwork takes the form of both traditionally captured footage and abstract, software generated video created using original Processing code. She possess a unique combination of experience, skills and knowledge that can create imaginative digital performance experiences as well as traditional technical theatre-craft. These aspects of her professional repertoire ensure that the whichever production methodology she is using the end result is executed efficiently regardless of venue.