Ben joined ESP in 2016 as the composer of Grace and then went on to create the score for M.I.N.D.E.D. He brings his incredible energy and open creativity to the company. 

Ben Ely has established a 20-year career in music primarily working with the group Regurgitator. He has branched out into film scores, TV theme music, Remixes, Live scores, Music Production and various other endeavours.

Regurgitator received at least 8 ARIA Awards for their album releases over the years and sold close to a million albums in Australia alone. Regurgitator composed a new reinvented score for the 180min long Japanese anime film AKIRA, which was performed to a sold out crowd at the Sydney Opera House for the very first Graphic Comic Festival held in  Australia.

We also invented the live performance-band recording project, Band in a Bubble in Federation Square, Melbourne where we lived in a purpose built glass house for three weeks without leaving once to record the MISH MASH album.

Ely has worked in other groups such as Decoder Ring, composing and producing the soundtrack and score for the Australian film title, Somersault, which won an AFI Award for Best Picture. For this same production, Ely received an AFI Award and an Australian Screen Film Award.

Additionally he wrote and produced the title theme music for Triple J TV and composed & recorded the sound track celebrating the last 50 years of the Australian fashion company, Wool Mark.

Ben has worked in countless other bands and smaller projects including collaborating on the Dancenorth & Tasdance’s latest production, Threefold with contemporary dance works by choreographers Gavin Webber (AUS), Raewyn Hill (NZ) and Huang Yi (TWN). He also performed in and composed for Gavin Webber’s Rockshow (2009) in Brisbane.