ESP works with talented humans to present extremely unique circus and physical-theatre performances.


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Have a safe and merry christmas everyone! 


What a year 2016 has been! We hope you finish it off in style! 

ESP wishes everyone a safe and merry Christmas and a fun filled, energetic start to 2017.

For ESP's first year of operation, a lot has happened! We are blessed and very proud to say that collectively, we have made 4 brand new shows this year and have worked on several others with incredibly creative and inspiring people all over Australia, UK and the USA. 

2017 is set to be an even more incredible year as we get a chance to develop these new works, relationships and continue to forge a path for our own style of contemporary circus in the UK and Australia.



M.I.N.D.E.D  is currently in creation in Brisbane......

M.I.N.D.E.D  is currently in creation in Brisbane......

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